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Dr Peter Nordkild (DK). Founder and CEO of Defensin Therapeutics. Serial Danish
biotech entrepreneur. Cofounder of ARTS Biologics and Adenium Biotech. More
than 3o years of experience from drug development and commercialization

Defensin Therapeutics Team

Prof. Jan Wehkamp (D). Professor at the University of Tübingen. Prof Wehkamp and his scientific colleagues have published more than one hundred pier review scientific papers regarding human defensins and inflammatory bowel disease over the past two decades since the discovery of human beta defensin-2.

Dr Ejner Bech Jensen (DK). Vice President, Biotechnology Research at Novozymes A/S. Previously responsible for Novozymes AMP program including anti inflammatory compounds like hBD-2 and anti infective compounds like Arenicin and Plectasin

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